Yongbi the Invincible c85-86

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon


At last, here are a couple more Yongbi chapters to end Volume 8! These chapters included a number of spectacular double pages that required some tricky redraws, which our dedicated editor shhryr spent much time to complete with some help from Dead4Sure. Good job guys! :D

Random Scanlations have been doing a great job so far and we are really playing second fiddle here, so please head over to their site to post a comment, if you haven’t already ~ Here is their release page!

Available for:

c85: Read Online (Batoto) // Read Online (RS Reader)

c86: Read Online (Batoto) // Read Online (RS Reader)


2 responses to “Yongbi the Invincible c85-86

  1. damn it guys! the waiting was killing me….but it was totally worth it!!!
    It just felt a bit short :D

    Thanks as always to all of you!
    but especially to shhryr and Dead4sure they did an amazing job at the double pages.

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