American Ghost Jack: An Announcement

Series by Han Ji-hye and Ahn Jeong-eun


Yup, another series bites the dust… It’s disappointing, but SCS and Easy Going Scans will no longer be working on this series because, well, it has been licensed. But don’t be too disappointed, as Tapastic has started releasing the official version and you can still view them for free. You’ll have to wait a while before they catch up to the chapters we’ve released so far, but the wait shouldn’t be too long. Anyway, thank you for enjoying our releases and please continue enjoying the webtoon over in Tapastic too!

While you’re at it, take a gander at other licensed webtoons in Tapastic here and here. Their collection isn’t so big yet, but the ones they have are pretty good and worth checking out :D

11 responses to “American Ghost Jack: An Announcement

  1. uhh do you know anything about s2? whether tapastic is going to work on it or not? :( it’s been a year :v and I can’t read korean. Idk what’s happening when reading the raws :'(

      • but is it possible for you guys to work on it again? :) it looks like Tapastic dropped it :v Been a year till the last update and I’m dying already. Can’t understand Korean at all T^T

        • Yeah I see what you’re going through, but the problem is that when we dropped it, we (well, EGS at the time) were contacted specifically by the author/Tapastic to stop working on it. They were aware of our non-official scanlation and requested us to stop, so I doubt it’d be a good idea for us to pick it up again. Maybe another group could try, though.

  2. thank you for your hard work. I really love this series and starting to like webtoon mahwa more because of this series. If only this series is available in my country, I surely would buy it.

  3. thank you for the info where i can find the manga ! some websites wouldnt share something like that ! that you very much !!! <3

  4. Thanks for your hardwork ^^ I wouldn’t know this great series if you guys not translating it
    It’s nice to see webtoon get more attention and thanks again for informative announcement =)

  5. Yeah, I had heard about this through EGS :x I’m glad stuff is getting licensed rather than just “hay take it down” and then people hoping at some point it’ll become available/they’ll learn Korean. And this way more people will/can support the author~ (I’m sure tons of people don’t bother to click the original links orz) Plus it frees scanlators up to work on more items (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ`)

    I like “Daum Delights”. lol
    But… “Webtoonz”? …Seriously? O| ̄|_

    • Yeah, I don’t think them trying to dumb it down as if webtoons are for children, when it really should be regarded as a fully mature medium of entertainment… But meh.

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