God of Bath c22

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


Oooohh, how romantic!!! … Uh…

God of Bath is no longer available for free on Naver, but there are also paperbacks for sale online, so please support the author and buy his works!! Note that you will need a korean friend to help you with the purchase through naver:

Raw link

Available for:

Read Online Only


13 responses to “God of Bath c22

  1. “God of Bath is no longer available for free on Naver” does this mean that you won’t be continuing to bring us this very funny series?

    • Well, we thought something like this might happen, so we downloaded the chapters in advance… which means you don’t have to worry about that ;) The only problem would be a matter of ethics where we need to decide if it’s proper to continue a series that’s no longer free (i.e. Peak), but unlike Peak this one’s already completed and we’re only a few chapters from the end, so we’ll finish it.

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