God of Bath c23

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


The bath tournament begins and our hero finds himself in a pinch.

God of Bath is no longer available for free on Naver, but there are also paperbacks for sale online, so please support the author and buy his works!! Note that you will need a korean friend to help you with the purchase through naver:

Raw link

Available for:

Read Online Only


9 responses to “God of Bath c23

  1. Forgive this really, really late thought that I’m kind of ashamed I only now made the connection on OTL but I was curious. You dropped Peak due to it being pay only, but work on GOB, which is in the same situation, so I was wondering why you dropped Peak in that case?? >_>;; I don’t mean this in a jerk way nor am I trying to persuade you to pick up Peak again, but I was wondering if there was something different with the circumstances… (I figured maybe daum wink winked you some wink wink and your post was wink wink to the fans but in case that wasn’t the… case… … I wanted to ask)

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