Nobunaga no Chef c63

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


More nutmeg diplomacy!! The intensity rises!

Thanks to SilentSky for helping us out with this project; go give them a kiss!

We strongly suggest you support Nishimura-sensei and Kajikawa-sensei and buy their work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

CDjapan // Kinokuniya-USA // Amazon

Available for:
SilentSky // Batoto // Mediafire

Previous Volume Packs.


20 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c63

  1. Thanks for Nobunaga no Chef. It got DMCA’d, but that doesn’t apply to the -entire- series, just specific chapters. Please continue posting new chapters on Batoto, even if they get removed a year from now, so that people like me who use automated rippers can still get them. Thanks again.

    • Lol, glad you’re enjoying the series!

      I don’t think we’ll be uploading to batoto, just to save them and us the hassle… but SilentSky will still be scanlating the series for the foreseeable future (we are actually dropping it after this current volume, since tallrice, the translator has retired…) so keep looking for updates there!

  2. Just stumbled across this a couple of hours ago.
    I had to express my gratitude ~
    So Thank you for the translation !
    And Looking forward to more updates xD

        • Still waiting patiently! Also do you know why you’ve been taken down from batoto? They seem to be taking down a massive amount lately…

        • Huh, I hadn’t known it was taken down from batoto. Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll look into it. Scanlators generally work under the implicit understanding that we’ll stop or remove uploaded chapters at the request of the author/publisher, so batoto probably received such a request. Rather strange that we didn’t though…

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