Village Idiot Scans Anniversary!!!

Vis Fireworks

The bad news is, the translators at SCS have been busy with real life stuff (but promise to be back by September…?) so we’ve been running a bit slowly these days. Fortunately, there’s good news too! Today’s a special day for our joint group on Again!! and Moteki, Village Idiot Scanlations, so a few chapters have been prepared and they have many many more releases, so go check it out!!!

So head over and give the grizzled old veteran a hug for its many years of scanlation service. Supreme Cream Staff hope you’ll continue as strong as ever in your 7th year! Keep it up!

And, of course, thanks to Kubo Mitsurou-sensei who has made these series we are releasing today! Look into buying some raws if you’d like to support the author!

CDjapan // Honto(ebook) // Amazon // Kodansha // Kinokuniya-singapore

We’re starting volume 9 of Again!! and ending volume 2 of Moteki with this release! Enjoy:
Again c87-89
c87: Batoto
c88: Batoto
c89: Batoto

Moteki c15
c15: Batoto

Remember, all the releases are also available on IRC and Again!! releases on the Dynasty Scans reader.


32 responses to “Village Idiot Scans Anniversary!!!

  1. D: I thought you guys were just having a busy time, didn’t know you were disbanding where did you say that? I will miss the yummy cream and thank you SCS for all you have done!

  2. I’ve just read the bad news and I just had to leave a comment. Thank you for everything SCS!

    On a different note, are there any news about the official english translation of Peak? Oh, and I’ve always been wondering, what font have you been using for the dialogue in Peak? I’ve been curious and fascinated by it since I started reading it.

    Thank you again for all the hard work!!

    • >_< Thanks for dropping by morimori! Glad you enjoyed our releases!

      As for official english releases of peak, and the font we used, I shall ask ghost to respond, since I don't know! Check back in a few days!

      • And Ghost says he doesn’t know whether or not it will be translated. It is a very popular webtoon in Korea, so I guess they will eventually? Apparently it just ended, with season 7. Now that it’s over, they might translate it perhaps, if they think it won’t take away viewers from the pay-per-view that is up, so perhaps in a few months you’ll see it start coming out. Chances are it will be through tapastic, since it’s a daum project.

        • Okay thank you for the info! I really appreciate that you actually replied. You guys are such nice people!

          SCS and now Peak has also ended, it makes me sad.

          Thank you again for all the hard work!

        • ^o^ Glad to be of assistance. We wouldn’t shut down if you can find us a Japanese translator btw~ … sort of hard to operate without one…

  3. thanks a lot for your hard work
    today i viseted your twitter, faceboot and homepage to look for new releaces and now i know that you are disbanded..
    i hope that someone will will finish this great projects

    machts gut und bleibt gesund

    i really like that you replay to all the comments
    that is so adorable

    • I’m adorable o(*////▽////*)o *blush, aww, thanks! We will probably still be continuing moteki btw, since that is the korean translator working on it now, rather than the Japanese. There’s also a (very short) webtoon that we’ll release soon, so I guess you can say we haven’t quite disbanded yet. But I hope some other great groups out there will pick up Again!! and Nobunaga no Chef… Would be neat to see those series continued!!

    • Sorry we haven’t finished it >_< I'm sure it will be though, it has a drama and should be popular with a number of people, despite the recent loss of interest in later arcs. Glad you enjoyed our releases!!!

  4. “as we have pretty much disbanded”
    No more Again? No more Nobunaga no Chef? No more Gunka no Balzer??? No more SupremeCreamScans??? I’m devastated. Oh man…

    Well, thank you for everything SCS. I’ve enjoyed a lot your projects that you always delivered with great quality!! Thank you!!

    • >_> Thanks for always dropping by the site lolman! I was always happy to see your comments! There might still be a few releases…. but yeah, we’re pretty much over <_<

    • Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for leaving a comment! We won’t be releasing more chapters of again!! >_< as we have pretty much disbanded but I hope someone else carries on the torch!

  5. I hope our favorite cream is restocked before X-mas, otherwise Santa will have to go with plain old milk and cookies ◕◡◕

  6. :( I still haven’t found time to marathon Again and catch up yet, but hurray SCS and VI! :3 also that’s a very purdy picture!

    • Look forward to catching up then! Thanks for leaving a message!

      … And I’m afraid I recycled the pic we used from last year… but it was drawn by our very own Dead4Sure (previous admin at SCS but busy with work and life, so retired now >_<) Thanks to all her hard work and the lovely comics and anniv drawings she made~

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