An Announcement & Bisan c00-02

As many of you already know, Supreme Cream Scans has been inactive since the summer. Our Japanese translator, tallrice, had left a number of chapters back in January last year and then focused on his studies. But after completing his degree decided he was too lazy to continue (boo!!! T_T)p). Meanwhile, Ghost has been pretty busy and there has been all sorts of action from Daum and Naver to start their own English releases, so we’ve been laying low.

Unfortunately, SCS is not going to be continuing the following series:
Nobunaga no Chef
Drag-on Dragoon
Gunka no Balzer
God of Bath (Now available at LINE Webtoon)
Yongbi the Invincible

Note that you should still be able to find releases of many of these series by other groups. I hope, at least, that most of them will find a home elsewhere, if they haven’t already. If there are people interested in translations for Drag-on Dragoon, there are some of those lying around on our mediafire, so just send us a mail at and we’ll send the scripts over for you (up to chapter 9 or 10, I think).

Other than that, the good news is that Moteki should continue (though unfortunately at the same snail’s pace as before… Again, if there is another group that wants to pick it up to speed things up, then please tell us, we’ll start you off on it for the greater good.)

Also, we have completed a short series for all of you to enjoy, Bisan – the Flying Mountain.

Bisan Image

Bisan, a Daum webtoon by Park Hye-rim, is a short series based on a little-known folktale of Daegu, a city in Korea. It follows the journey of a runaway boy during the time of a great famine, who meets a fantastical being that only he can see or hear. We hope you enjoy this serene and touching series.

Oh and a special thanks to Automata, who edited the series. The scripts were completed some months ago but have been gathering digital dust due to the lack of an editor, so we are grateful for her contribution which enabled these releases.

Don’t forget to support Park Hye-rim by checking out the Raw

Available for reading online at:
c00: Batoto
c01: Batoto
c02: Batoto


7 responses to “An Announcement & Bisan c00-02

    • EGScans never did work on Nobunaga no Chef, but Silent Scans, our old joint partner on the series said they intend to continue. I think you’ll see some releases from them soon… they were just delayed a bit, first with logistics and then securing a translator for future chapters.

      EGScans seems to be going strong on Gunka, they just released 2 chapters translated by a new translator for their holiday mass releases, you should go check them out!!!

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