Doonggule Tea! c18

Series by Gira3


And that’s a nice wrap to this little side-story.

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Available for reading online at:
c18: Batoto


5 responses to “Doonggule Tea! c18

    • Haha it’s alright, I understand your frustration all too well. Hopefully we’ll get the next chapter out in a few days, and sorry about the delay.

  1. ‘Aaaand… You just dropped it.)))) You’re so… americans. In the bad sence. Eh))) Sorry for my being involved in that)))) Thank you and good luck))) Мне было с вами хорошо)))

  2. i just wanna thank the SCS group for translating doonggule tea!! i was so excited when i found out the english version. ive been wanting to read this for a long time!! so thank you!!! thank you!!! and have a nice day
    (ˊo̴̶̷̤ ᴗ o̴̶̷̤ˋ)

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