Doonggule Tea! c26-28.5 & An Announcement

Series by Gira3


A flurry of chapters to bring the arc as well as the 1st season of Doonggule Tea! to a close.

And with some regret, we must inform the readers of Doonggule Tea! that these will be the last chapters we’ll be releasing for this webtoon for the foreseeable future. The main reason is that while the webtoon remains somewhat interesting for most of the second season, we’re unsure of where the plot is actually going. And the current hiatus by the author doesn’t inspire confidence in us that he can still salvage the story, which seems to be meandering and dragging on. So for now, we’ll put this project on hold, and keep an eye on the raws to see if it improves and would be enjoyable to work on it again. We apologise to everyone who’s been following Doonggule Tea! and thanks for your support until now.

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Available for reading online at:
c26: Batoto
c27: Batoto
c28: Batoto
c28.5: Batoto

2 responses to “Doonggule Tea! c26-28.5 & An Announcement

  1. You’re bad, BAD persons!
    Just kidding)))
    Thanks for your work, and good luck with new projects.)))
    And I should just learn at last this ****ing Korean, should I?)))

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