Peak: Official English Version

Art by Im Gang-Hyeok, Story by Hong Seong-Su

Peak: Official English Version



Well, actually, it’s been around for a while, but not much publicised. So here it is:


There’s still some way to go before the releases catch up to the original Korean version, but all in good time :D

Also, while you’re at it, you might want to check out the rest of SpotToon, where you can find official English releases of many popular webtoons, mostly from Daum. Enjoy!



3 responses to “Peak: Official English Version

  1. Hello, can I ask you what’s the name of the main font you used in Peak (for normal speech bubbles, for example in chapter 92)?
    I hope you know which one I’m asking for, since I can’t post any links to images.

  2. Huh, all this time I thought it was a new scanlation group (I was keeping tabs on MU). So I thought it was weird it started from scratch. Now that makes a lot more sense!

    • Yeah, unlike Naver that has it’s own English platform (Line Webtoon), Daum seems to be outsourcing, or at least let their authors deal with English localisation themselves. SpotToon is a partial-paying platform, where later chapters are locked and you have to pay to read them, but they become freely available if you wait a period of time. It’s not limited to Daum only, but most of their webtoons are from Daum right now.

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