Gosu c31

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon

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Who said any of you could move?!! @_@

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c31: Batoto

52 responses to “Gosu c31

  1. Guys, can any of you recall and recap what’s happening so far in this arc?
    1. What is the true reason Woo Bok being captured by the Baekma Valley Sect?
    2. He’s protecting his senior from work who owes Baekma, but capturing him seems to far of an effort to do that. Also, that captain guy is way too shady of a character. Does he mention some ulterior motives so far?

    I’m up for re-reading those scenes but it seems too much because the action took a lot of page while the conversation only took few panels, so I might miss some. Any answers would be appreciated.

    BTW, that lady is really a bad leader. For a leader to not knowing anything big happening under her own nose and for not knowing how her subordinates act is proof enough that she’d need some rude wake up from Gang Ryong. I hope the captain get executed or at least learned his lesson not to fucked things up like this.

    • Well, #2 is basically what’s been revealed so far as the reason… You know as much as everyone else does, lol

  2. waaaaah, the new raw is already out, waaaah *runs around in circles* wuy do i have to wait *sob*

    i neeeeeed my next shot… *ahem* chapter NOWWWW :P
    seriously, why cant you translate faster, like bwfore its published xD WHYYYYY *cries in agony*

    well anyway thanks for translating so fast, just wish you could be even faster xD

  3. Wahh… wish i could come and meet u guys… and give u all warm hug hahaha… btw keep up ur awesome work guys

  4. Hmm I think Black Scorpion put up a decent fight, all things considered. Generally I’d say the Baekma valley is pretty tough, since they have 2 more guardians like that guy.

    What I’d like now is for Gang to have a good backstory, that was one of the things that made Yongbis character so good as well.

    He’s already done a good job with the Sword fiend and I liked the hints to those righteous factions.

    • Yeah, the Valley is a tough bunch, just that they’re facing the wrong guy…

      We’ve had a few glimpses into Gang’s past (the relationship with his master) and his motivations, and I’m sure we’ll see more of it in good time as the ‘plot’ progresses.

  5. That’s tried and true Yongbi author for creating cliffhangers.
    Thanks, guys, there’s nothing better than a timely release.

    • Continuing the tradition…

      And thanks for the compliment. Our editor Automata puts in a lot of effort (& time) so that we can release these chapters on the same day as the raw, so comments like this is always much appreciated.

  6. If hes this angry now, what happens when someone steals his dumplings? Oh the humanity xD

    Thanks for the new chapter.

    • There’s that and something else that’ll really get him mad, but all in good time! Thanks for enjoying the chapter :D

  7. It seems all strong people who prefers to immobilize others through the angry eye technique are gluttons, whether it’s ramen or dumplings.

  8. So the guy who uses illusionary techniques could not even move due to the sheer Ki dumpling boy is releasing. Incredible, how many level is he above them.

    • Cliffs everywhere! But it will probably slow down soon or else it’ll leave everyone too breathless to follow ;)

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