Gosu c32

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon

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Ohh, that smile…

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c32: Batoto


26 responses to “Gosu c32

  1. BTW, thanks for the translation.
    So, remind me again why Woo Bok get captured?
    I know, he’s trying to vouch for his senior in salesman business of whom owes something to the Baekma Valley group.

    P.S. just out of curiosity what did the author & artist say about your translation?

    • It’s basically what you said but real reason will be probably explained in the next chapter by that captain who instigated it.

    • Yeah, more or less what you said, but a bit more left in this arc.

      Uhm, nothing, I doubt they know about the English version, but I’d rather not hear from them at all… Since it’s most likely going to be a Cease and Desist notice, lol.

    • I got the impression that Woo Bok was an important part of the Baekma Valley group in the past but left (probably without permission). Since then he started a family and gave up martial arts going into sales to make an honest living. For some unknown reason the lady gave orders that he be found and maybe asked to return to the valley. Captain Yang Jeonghak went way beyond using that as an excuse to cause all the problems.

  2. The authors was thinking of giving the lady the facestomp from hell but they’re like woo slow down let’s save that for next time and I agree. Poor readers are having multiple orgasms and thank god the manhwa slowed down phew.

    Thanks for the awesome manhwa and scanlating them.

  3. ghost, auto.. you guys are awesome!!..
    i thought the raw was just updated yesterday..
    thank you for the quick work!! yaayy~~

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