Gosu c33

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon

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What will he do?

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Available for reading online at:
c33: Batoto


22 responses to “Gosu c33

  1. Well this is intriguing.

    That is one stern ruthless mother though… Anyway I’m glad to see there are several powerhouses behind the scenes.

    I wonder what the old man who trained the sword fiend is capable of. If he’s even a fighter.

  2. You want him to get serious? Eat all his dumplings. Don’t let him eat even a single piece and he’ll destroy the planet.

    You think Superman is scary? THINK AGAIN! *GASP*

  3. Glad to finally have the motives explained. BTW, I’ve been reading the earlier chapters and found out that one of the Heavenly disciples looks similar to that old man that raised the swordsman and drives him insane.

  4. I’m a little confuse cause i don’t get the meaning (eng is not my first language)
    In the sentence “are you sure he’s one of them”
    What does this mean? Who is them?
    Can anyone please explain it to me , thank you :)
    And thanks for the translation <3

  5. Thanks for the translation – I must have not read this properly, but are they saying The Wraith Hand will fight Dumpling Master Gang?

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