Gosu c50

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon

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Back for round 2!

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c50: Batoto


15 responses to “Gosu c50

    • It’s a common plot device in these martial art works – MC usually goes through a series of almost miraculous events that power him up beyond the greatest masters of the known murim. But it’s rare for a side character to benefit from such plot armour though. But hey, at least you didn’t see it coming from a mile away, right? Haha.

  1. Like I mentioned before, “Ran out of Villains”. Random spear guy going Super Saiyan when he’s suppose to be a side-character.

  2. Thanks for translation

    Great chapter – so Dumpling Gosu didn’t know this guy’s rare physiology, and helped him reversed his Ki, so essentially Gosu unlocked this guy’s full power.

  3. Welp, it’s all Yurin’s fault for forbidding Ryong to kill him. Now he’s back and better than ever. Also, why not exorcise him when he’s fighting. And why does he so hellbent on fighting and killing innocents rather than kill the one responsible? Fuck this shit, it’s just some author BS for procastinating and dragging shits out. I’m outta here.

    BTW, Thanks for translating and typesetting these things.

  4. Well that was some bs plot right there but that being said we get to see fatty unleashed his true powers so… can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Thanks for the hard work.

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