Gosu c52

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon

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Gosu, the nature destroyer!

Horrible SFX to redraw and a pair of sore wrists meant this release was a day late. Thanks for your patience :)

Don’t forget to support Moon and Ryu by checking out the Raw on Naver.

Available for reading online at:
c52: Batoto


18 responses to “Gosu c52

  1. Dam spear guy should know he’s no match for chubby since he got his ass owned several times already, and chubby wasn’t even serious. So why did he think that going SS would even make any difference.

    Word to the lesser, “Dats Right Bitch!”

  2. I recognize that move, it’s the legendary dumpling molding technique! He treated Doh Gyeom’s face as a dumpling! The black hole was acting as a centrifuge mixing Gyeom’s brains around it all makes sense.

    • Good thing the mc stopped before turning his head into dumpling stuffing. That’d be a sudden genre switch into gore, lol.

    • Thanks! We redrew every SFX in every chapter so far, Automata’s been doing an incredible job, along with everyone else involved in the cleaning/redrawing :)

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