Gosu c55

Series by Moon Jung-hoo & Ryu Ki-woon


The new arc, and a familiar face to some!

Don’t forget to support Moon and Ryu by checking out the Raw on Naver.

Available for reading online at:
c55: Batoto


17 responses to “Gosu c55

  1. Hey, thanks for GOSU chapters! Also I’ve read that you helped Egscans with Yongbi. Thanks you so much: one of my favorite series had been put on hiatus till the last month.

    • Yeah well, we’ve been involved in it since the beginning until vol 9, actually. Hopefully we can help it to release at a faster rate going forward!

  2. All these amazing things on the chapter and i’m more interested in that owl, hoot hoot! You know hes going to fuck shit up with that hoot of his.

    Thanks for the new chapter.

  3. I wonder if these various gangs are related to the ones from Yongbi? They all have such fancy names I can never remember which is which. Why can’t they just go with Original Dumpling Clan, or Frosted Skin Dumping Clan, or Piping Hot Soup Dumpling Clan?

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