The Staff

The Supreme Cream Scanlations legion of colleagues and partners:

Ghost (Co-Founder): Korean Translator Extraordinary – To the other members, Ghost is somewhat like an ambassador of Korean and webtoon culture, causing scripts to spookily appear without explanation in our inboxes ready for proofreading and editing!

Dead4Sure (Co-Founder): Editor – A master of both CLing and TSing (short for ‘cleaning’ and ‘typesetting’, for those of you who didn’t know) Dead4Sure is more than a webtoon photoshopping expert, keeping the site and credits pages designed so that they are more than a blank page and also designing our SCS comics (only one so far further down this page). She has also posted a few TSing tutorials on the blog, so go take a look!

Pimelea (aka tallrice)(Co-Founder): Proofreader (and translator) – A rice, and no, you can’t nom… same goes for the supreme cream, it is completely innommable!

Fallacy/Automata: Proofreader/Editor – A true scanlation powerhouse, but her name is obviously a lie!

Rain35624: Cleaner/Redrawer – A Photoshop wizard who weaves his magic to conjure up high-quality releases of Gosu at breakneck speed.

MrAm!gO: Cleaner/Redrawer – A black & white specialist who has ventured into the world of colours to lend his hand for the massive project that is Gosu.

Ada: Typesetter – A angel who fell down from a Storm in Heaven, she has come to help with a magical series called Coda!

Alexfilia: Typesetter – A chatty friend who loves kittens and T-Rexes! One of our main webtoon TSers!

Blookami: Proofreader – One of our most dependable proofreaders, he’s always ready to give a helping hand to speed up a series and keep it high quality!

AutumnRain: Proofreader – A lover of manga who has impeccable english that keeps again!! releases in good quality!

Kravatia: Korean Translator Extraordinary – Someone who can do it all: Translations, Cleaning, Tyepsetting! Though I like to think of Kravatia as ‘GhostX Jr.’ since they’re both so amazing~

Ubi: Korean Translator – An umbrella to shield us from the rain (and the big purple UFOs that asail Korea).

Jeanne: Japanese Translator – Has taken over Coda to speed up all these releases!

Tora: Proofreader/Cleaner/Typesetter – Allured by Coda but here to lend a hand where needed!

Mobtasmah: Cleaner – One of Dead4Sure’s minions who shares her skills where needed!

Bootaloot: Cleaner – Special support for dead4sure who gets them to help out with The Friendly Winter!

thealphalink: Retired Cleaner – Skills and smiles defined this great cleaner and redrawer. We all hope she comes back when she’s less busy with her studies!

Pink: Retired Typesetter – Pink, the self-styled lazy member of the group works hard every day to typeset all the new releases for english consumption~

Special thanks to joint group members

ZeroDC: Admin/Cleaner/Advisor – One of village idiot scanlations admins, ZeroDC has been a huge support to Supreme Cream Scans and is constantly working hard for again!! and moteki to be released in good quality!

Junna: Proofreader/Editor – The one who suggested Coda and who spent so much time helping us with Anastasia, Junna is a visitor from Of Mangas And…!

pknoctis: Korean/Japanese translator and admin: Hails from Noctis Op.92

Chie: Typesetter – From village idiot scanlations out too!), Chie has come to work on Moteki with us!

Eito: Advisor – Trusty counsellor to our group, Eito is an experienced veteran from village idiot scanlations!

Enamoured? Write a comment or contact us! 

Just go to the Apply/Contact page, here!

And… to finish our introduction, what better than to know a bit of Supreme Cream Scans history with a short comic drawn by our editor and joint-founder Dead4Sure:



26 responses to “About

  1. many thanks for all your hard works. If possible, I want you to request you to pick a new manhwa similar to Gosu named volcanic age. If possible plz give it a look.

  2. what a large team you have… that explains the rapid updates! Everyone, keep up the good work and you can all do it!

  3. im a fan of gosu since you guys started translating it. mad skillz on redrawing and typesetting. really appreciated the hard work and effort (effortless since you guys do it like a piece of cake lol). keep it up though!

    • Haha, thanks so much for the compliment. But it’s not really effortlessly though, our editor Automata invests a lot of time and effort into each chapter to make them look so good :D

  4. Just a random person passing through… got into Gosu recently so I just wanted to thank you (it is appreciated) and keep it up.

  5. That was a beautiful webtoon of your history~
    Ahhh!! It really does feel like just yesterday when you guys made your first release and I visited your site after seeing you on bakaupdates! Really, congratulations on celebrating your first anniversary with such a wonderful group of people =D

    • Oh! You saw us way back at the beginning, haha. Exciting time! All three of us had some experience in scanlation, but this was something completely new, setting up the site and working together (we didn’t all come from the same places). Thanks for keeping up with us!! Please come back and see our future mini-comics, these aren’t the last ones!

      (Actually, there’s one at the end of Regarding Death, so check that one out too, if you haven’t: https://supremecream.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/regarding-death-c23-end/)

      • Regarding Death was beautiful T_______T So I’m glad you referred me to your webtoon because I got to read some really lovely stories at the same time.

        • It really is great! I cried a couple of times. Rolled around on the floor after getting hit by a barrage of feels. Chapter 16 especially.

        • Hehe, it was one of the most popular webtoons on naver in Korea, actually. It didn’t really pick up in the English scanlation world as much, but it is definitely a quality webtoon~ Glad you enjoyed it!

          Dead4Sure is drawing yet another awesome comic for our finale of 3 Level Combination, which should be in the next couple of weeks, so stau tuned (^_-)~*

        • No kidding? Well, I’ll be sure to get people to read this series then because… FEELS!

          Plus, WOAH I’M GETTING UPDATES ON SCS WEBTOONS? THIS IS AWESOME. I am staying “tooned”. -shot-

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