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We have an IRC channel, an email as well as a twitter and facebook to keep you updated! So check them out!

IRC: #Supreme (on irchighway) For those of you who are as of yet IRC illiterate, it’s simple, click here.


Twitter: SupremeCreamScans

Facebook: Supreme Cream Scanlations

So you want to join our little team? Wonder how you can help?

I’ll try to make a little guide for how to apply and become a member of the team. So here are a few things to think about:

1. Scanlation takes a lot of time. Be prepared.
You can be a
-Translator (Japanese or Korean to English)
-Proofreader (Looks over scripts and corrects flow, english finds missing bubbles, etc)
-Cleaner (Removes text in Japanese from the raw manga pages)
-Redrawer (Like cleaners, remove text, but have to draw in art behind erased text)
-Typesetter (Decide which fonts to use and place text in bubbles or on other texts in English)
-Colourist (Not an integral part of scanlation, but they can add some extra benefit by colouring in pages for credits or banners or other projects (example cover page coloured by Jusa). Please tell us if you’re interested and we can work out what you can help with! Note, artistic talent required.)
-A scanner (Provide raws by unbinding books, scanning them into jpg format and uploading them.)

FAQ: Am I good enough to CL/TS/Redraw?

-Yes! As long as you have enthusiasm, are prepared to dedicate time and come chat on irc, learn how it all works, etc. Be prepared to spend time every day, then you can do it.

Application Process:

So first step is to send us an email or come on our irc channel and from there, we’ll chat and send you the materials/training packages that you should have a look at. Depending on your experience and other background we might give different links to read, and tips as well!

Look forward to hearing from you!!


61 responses to “Contact/Apply

  1. Could you translate Lookism? The group that does seems to only translate it once every few months to prevent other groups from translating it.

  2. Could you please pick up the “Yongbi” series? It has already been completed and is by the same author as “Gosu”. It has been translated until volume 11 at a pace of 1 chapter month but is currently inactive. I can be a proofreader+cleaner if need be.

    • Hi there, sorry about the late reply. I’m not sure if you’ll read this, but I suggest you go to Easy Going Scans forum and apply there for Yongbi project – we’re actually collaborating on it right now, and the releases should be faster before long. But cleaners are always in a short supply, so if you could help out with cleaning, it’d speed up the releases even further.

  3. Hi i would like to suggest
    ‘oh! Lord jesus’ webtoons series, there was had a good feedback from the readers and if you take a seek from the comments post and flying comment in all chapter From zingbox app you can see how much readers loving it
    ahh, and there isn’t any scanlation whom working on it yet

    • Heya, thanks for the comment.
      If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see another request for this webtoon and what our current position is. Hopefully another group will take it before long, but otherwise, it might be a while before we start working on it.

  4. Hi guys! I would like to suggest
    Unique legend
    Yi bhi zhi ming
    Shinsengumi Hitou Wolf x Wolves
    Service Request! – Spica Fudousan Chintai Kanribu
    Live-On Cardliver Shou
    Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto ni wa
    Sorry its a lot

    • Oops, sorry about this late reply.

      Thanks for your recommendations, but at the moment, we’re only working on Korean projects, because, well, we don’t have Japanese or Chinese translators. But if we ever get to work on Japanese/Chinese projects, we’ll take a look at this list. Cheers :D

    • Heya, sorry about this late reply. For some reason, this comment was awaiting approval and I didn’t see it until now.

      About the webtoon you mentioned, it’s one of potential projects we are interested in, but can’t give you any definitive answers until now. We’ll keep this in mind, and thank you for the recommendation.

    • Heya Hikigaya, thanks for your recommendation! It’s actually one of the webtoons we considered, but shelved for now because we lack the staff for more projects at the moment. Hopefully, another eager group may decide to work on this before long!

  5. Hello! I wish to thank you for translating Doonggule tea! manhwa. I love this manga and I’m happy that you are translating it.And one more thing. I wanted to ask you, would you continue translating it? Cause, It’s been a long time since the latest chapter was realised. I really worry, that you stop translate it, cause I like it soo much.
    Thanks for your’s job ;D

  6. Hello! I belong to a fansub in spanish called Ame Fansub [] and i’m writing to you to ask if you could allow us to use your scans for
    -The Friendly Winter

    Thank you for your time. ^^

      • Hi there,
        hmm…ok, maybe Daum is taking more time due to the good quality of the English version *is staying optimistic*. Still I hope they are getting something out sometime soon cause the new season also looks damn interesting(as always) :D

        btw Thanks for the reply.

        • Because each season of Peak becomes Pay-per-view (PPV) after it ends, and Korean viewers must pay to read previous seasons (or buy published volumes). But it’s not like that with English scans, where once a chapter’s released on the web there’s no way to take it back. It’s one thing to work on webtoons that are freely available indefinitely, and another to work on webtoons that are free only for a limited time – at least that’s our stance on webtoon scanlation, anyway (it’s also part of the reason we don’t provide download links for webtoons).

    • Hey Ao Sora! It’s always nice to see new retranslations into different languages, though a group called “Shibusen” did ask us to translate Bigger Hunter into French already, and we accepted. I was looking at their site and cannot find the release though… so maybe you want to ask them if they’re still doing it? As long as they aren’t working on it, you’re more than welcome to retranslate it, but just to tell you that they have already asked. (

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  8. Hi, i just wanted to take the time to thank you all for translating Nobunaga no Chef. It’s one of my favourite mangas and today when i saw 9 chapters pop up on my manga site (, i got so happy and tingly and excited and just filled with so much joy. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    • (~^o^)~ That’s really sweet! I’m glad you are enjoying the series so much!

      Note that we’d prefer if you read from, since we have more confidence in their non-profit nature and the fact they’ll take off our series should they be licensed – we don’t acknowledge or any other manga site that does not consult us on our releases and seeks to make profits off of them.

      We’ll look forward to bringing you more Nobunaga no Chef though! Please support the authors if you can, by buying their works (we provide raw links on all release posts)~

  9. good day,
    Amm first of all I’m not applying ..eeeh So why I’m here? Well I just want to say

    THANK you for translating Friendly winter..

    Best wishes for you!

    • Hehe, it’s nice to still hear comments about TFW~ It was a really nice project to work with and I’m glad you found and enjoyed it! Best wishes to you too!

  10. Hello! I’m interested in applying as a redrawer but I don’t have any experience in redrawing but I am an artist though. I’m also in my 3rd year of college so I will probably be busy most of the time but I’d still love to help whenever I have the time.

    • Oh, redrawer’s are always welcome! And if you know how to use photoshop and draw things electronically, I’m sure you’d catch on very quickly! Could you send us an email at We’ll try to see what we can arrange (I hope you like moteki or again!!)

    • Sure, how about sending an email with your suggestion to our email address, !

      We have a lot on our plate right now though, so I can’t really promise anything more than that we’ll take a look and tell you what our intentions are~

  11. I know this is completely unrelated and silly, but what font is ‘Supreme Cream Scans’ in? I’m dying to know, please tell me! >.<

    • Well, yes, you are quite allowed to apply as anything you like, be that astronaut or chef extraordinary or even translator from korean to swahili. We might even accept you too! However… I’m afraid I’ll have to apologize, since I’m not sure how much we’ll have for you to be involved in… T_T) but it’s the thought that counts ^o^)d

    • Hello Hallo~ So sorry for such a late reply >_< I just got back from a vacation and didn't have my computer… But yes, please just send an email and we will get back to you!

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    • Hmm, that’s an interesting question, if you mean you might have to go away or not make a certain week, etc, then that a release can always be delayed a bit or someone else on the team might be able to fill in for you. If it’s more of a constant thing, and you just want to help out when you have time, well, if you actually plan on staying long term and doing redraw pages, for instance, then we can manage it by giving you parts that will be done later on, so that you don’t have any tight timelines.

      It might be worth exploring, if you do really want to do this and have some idea what you’re getting into, but elaborate a bit, maybe in an email and we can talk it over!

      Look forward to hearing from you~

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